About Sports Baka・スポーツ馬鹿

On this blog I’m taking a monthly deep dive into the exciting world of the sports anime, manga, and manhwa. 

Training sessions that leave you breathless. Passionate athletes whose cheers and tears you share. A thrilling competition with an unpredictable outcome that has you sitting on the edge of your seat! The hard-core athlete, the sports romanticist, and the evil sports villain; all have their place in this unique genre.

There is an abundance of sports manga in Japanese. Sadly, only a fraction of those is graced with an English translation. This is such a pity! To introduce some of these awesome stories to you, I also talk about manga that haven’t made it onto the English-speaking market (…yet).


I don’t write spoiler-free reviews because, unfortunately, it’s impossible to take a closer look at a story without revealing parts of it. 

About Me

I’m a student of Japanese Studies. So, besides being busy with studying, I work at my regular job, prepare stuff for this blog, and work out. My greatest ‘distraction’ and joy are my two cats, Mr. Kayden and Mr. Pumpkin, whom I love dearly. They are also the best workout buddies ever.

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