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“Hanebado!” – What Am I Doing This For?

December 27, 2023

Hanebado! is a wonderful anime. It pulls at your heartstrings and makes you gasp in disbelief. Yet, small happy endings throughout the story will warm your heart and make you smile. The teenagers’ passion for badminton sustains them throughout their struggles, and watching them chase the shuttle will convince you that badminton is a thrilling sport.

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All Out!!

“All Out!!” – Giving Your All In A Gentlemanly Brawl

All Out!! is a great anime to watch. It’s fun, it’s sweet, and it’s exciting. It doesn’t teach as much about rugby as I would have hoped, but who cares about that when the action scenes are heart-stopping and the athletes’ stories send your emotions on a roller-coaster ride?

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Kengan Ashura

“Kengan Ashura” – Who’s The Strongest Of Them All?

Kengan Ashura will have you glued to your seat if you are looking for intense fighting and blood-splattering violence. The ground of the arena trembles as men of insane physical prowess crash into each another, trying to defeat their opponents. The stakes are high. But not only for the fighters. …

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Birdie Wing

“BIRDIE WING Golf Girls’ Story” – It’s A Woman’s World

Welcome to a world where women rule! Where handsome young men serve as toy boys, middle-aged men just exist to be ripped off, and schools’ golf coaches are either drunkards or into high school girls. Where 75% of the executives are women and business negotiations are conducted with ‘betting golf.’ Welcome to the world of Birdie Wing!

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Run with the wind

“Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru” – Do You Like Running?

The long-distance relay race, the Hakone Ekiden, is one of the most watched events in Japan. In “Run with the Wind,” ten university students aim to participate in this yearly event. As the young men overcome personal physical and emotional challenges, they slowly turn into a cohesive team. Against all odds, they braved the steep path to Hakone to finally stand at the starting line of this prestigious race.

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