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Hwiseong, the protagonist of King of the Octagon looks daringly and with raised fists into the camera.

“King Of The Octagon” – The Fight. The Passion. The Money.

January 27, 2024

When you pick up King of the Octagon, prepare for an amazing cast of characters, a protagonist you’ll cheer for, hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud, and intense fights that will keep you hooked until the last second. Get ready for fiery clashes with opponents and coaches alike, for passionate youths, and for contract negotiations. So, what are you waiting for?

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Manhwa Infinity

“Infinity” – The Elusive Fencer

Are you looking for a story where evasion is the primary skill, the rage is running rampant, and the art will both bewilder and amaze you? Then “Infinity” is your go-to fencing manhwa. When Damin joins the fencing club, he encounters passionate athletes and watches gripping matches. Seasoned with droll oddities, this manhwa will leave you gasping in wonder and surprise.

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Wind Breaker

“Wind Breaker” – Let’s Race!!

Wind Breaker has it all! Yeah, that pretty much sums up this awesome cycling manhwa. It’s filled with riveting sports-action scenes, spiced with various romantic relationships, and doesn’t lack hilarious comedy. There is also a rich amount of violence and strong language. Are you looking for a story that gets your adrenaline pumping? Then Wind Breaker is the right pick!

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