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“Shojo FIGHT” – Sex And The Court

November 25, 2023

Shojo FIGHT! lives up to its name. Neri and her friends fight for love, victory, and freedom—on and off court. They take on each other and their senpai in intra-squat games, but they also go head-to-head with a dangerous organization, all the while navigating through the turbulent currents of adolescent life and love.

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Moon Land

“Moonland” – Gymnastics Is Fun!

Soaring through the air in graceful motions. Fighting for every tenth of a point. Taking risks vs. playing it safe. Determination, dedication, friendships, and rivalries—that’s what Moonland is about. For boys and girls alike, gymnastics is at the center of their lives. However, only one is trying to reach the moon.

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