“Run on your new legs” – On To A New Path

At first, Kikuzato, the protagonist of the story, is a rather withdrawn teenage boy. He is indifferent to his surroundings and disinterested in making friends. But not for long! Amiable friends and competitive rivals pull Kikuzato out of his shell and accompany him on his endeavor to become a track and field para athlete.

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Run with the wind

“Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru” – Do You Like Running?

The long-distance relay race, the Hakone Ekiden, is one of the most watched events in Japan. In "Run with the Wind," ten university students aim to participate in this yearly event. As the young men overcome personal physical and emotional challenges, they slowly turn into a cohesive team. Against all odds, they braved the steep path to Hakone to finally stand at the starting line of this prestigious race.